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About Us

An Overview

Every business is founded with an aim of having a large customer base. However, developing strong relations with customers is not that easy as it seems to be. Bhanu Resources is one of those businesses that focuses on setting strong bonds with with its customers but in the way of doing so, we never compromise on our business ethics. By following our business operations on the grounds of morality, we have been establishing a strong foothold as a trader and wholesaler. In order to wholesale and trade only quality-assured line of goods, we ally with some highly reputed and experienced manufacturing businesses. Sourcing Outdoor Dustbins, Solar Panel, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Heater and other solar based products from them at fair prices, we ensure our customers receive the best quality products at the best prices. We also have setup a widespread supply chain network to ensure timely product product in every nook and corner of the country where our customers are present.

Fair Trade Policy

Claiming to follow fair trade policy, we at our company, adhere to these fundamental concepts:

  • Fair payment: Fair payment involves mutually negotiated price and payments made through the mutually decided payment modes.
  • Fair wages: We ensure that all our employees are paid equally without any discrimination made on religion, gender or designation.
  • Fair price: We offer our Solar Panel, Solar Water Heater and other products at the best prices to ensure that customers of different budgets can easily buy these.
  • Fair opportunity: We give our employees equal opportunity to grow at professional level. For this, we also conduct training sessions for them.

Customer Contentment

Customers have the right to decide which company to choose and which not. They have the capability to make or break businesses. Needless to say, it becomes important for us to focus on making our customers happier. Unmatched quality Solar Street Lights, Outdoor Dustbins at fair prices and on-time at the asked destination is everything that our customers demand. And, we provide them with the same. Apart from this, we even follow customer focused approaches to ensure this. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted by our employees to properly understand their requirements and their views about the services and products offered to them. Later, changes are made in our work process, accordingly, if necessary.
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Contact Us

Bachi Nagar No. 1, Post Office Lamachaur, Haldwani, Uttarakhand, 263139, India
Phone :+918035928080